• Refreshing, moisturizing, and restorative. Great for skin care.

Blending Babes

Blending Babes Hydrosols 4 oz

$ 15.00

Hydrosol's 4 oz

True hydrosols produced during the distillation of the essential oils. Refreshing, moisturizing, and restorative. Great for skincare. 

Neroli hydrosol is a beautiful aroma that not only is uplifting yet calming, it is also a great addition to help soothe dry and sensitive skin.

Rose hydrosol is a wonderful addition to your skincare regime. It is a mild astringent and aids in the calming and closure of open pores. Additionally, it is a gorgeous aroma to use when you are looking to relax.

Lavender hydrosol is so soothing and the benefits are numerous. Lavender reduces stress and anxiety, helps us sleep, aids in the healing process of minor cuts and wounds, improves over-all skin condition, alleviates headaches.....actually the list goes on and on.

Peppermint hydrosol is a must-have for your home. Peppermint has been found it to aid in the following: reduces headaches, digestive issues, stomach aches, respiratory issues, improves mental focus, boosts energy, antimicrobial, muscle pain relief, sinus relief, joint relief, allergy relief, itch relief, fever reducer, increase energy, sunburn relief, IBS relief, reduces nausea, relieves colic, and increase hair and skin health.

Use as a facial and skin toner. Mist your face and body generously or add to masks and lotions. It can also be used in your bath, as inhalations, or as room air fresheners. Very mild. Recommended for use by those for whom essential oils may be too strong such as children, seniors, or anyone with highly sensitive skin.

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