New Year

Posted: Jan 01 2015

Here we are the "first day" of the "New Year"! (LOL, Not really but most of the folks I've talked to are starting their resolutions today!!)
It is the first day back to work and school for most of us and I believe that is the mind-set......
So it begins, another year and a promising one at that!
This is the year many of us will really start listening, and by that I mean, the idea and knowledge of us starting to take responsibility for our part in creating morphogenic fields. For those of you that are not familiar with the term, it goes a little bit like this.....
A morphogenic field is equivalent to an electromagnetic field that carries information, through energy, and is available through time and space without losing any of its intensity after have been created. (Oh, my high school science teachers would be thrilled!)
Basically, without teaching a whole semester on the topic, this means that what we put out there, both consciously and unconsciously, is what resonates in our universe. When we think and create negative thoughts, that is what comes back to us and the others around us. On the other hand, when we think and believe in positives, a positive morphogenic field is created and more positive thoughts, situations and people happen or enter our lives. (Some may call this Karma, Law of Attraction, etc.)
However we look at this or whatever we call it, 2015 is going to be FULL of the positives and we are the ones creating it!
Have a great day and remember the positives!!!!!


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