Day 73 - Practical Positivity

Posted: Oct 28 2015

Day 73 - Practical Positivity
I found an article I am going to share piece by piece for this week of Practical Positivity. It's from Huffpost written by Gina Soleil. Enjoy!!!
Here's how to meditate at work...Day 2
Go to the Bathroom
And not because I'm asking you to drink more water. If there's one thing we all make time for during our busy day it's going to the bathroom. Yes, we biologically have to go, but most people sneak away for the bathroom to "get away" from the rat race multiple times a day. Come on, admit it, you've left that boring meeting so you could hang out in a bathroom stall in peace and quiet for just five minutes. The bathroom is always the perfect excuse to leave anything. And now the bathroom has just become your mediation space. Twice a day, retreat into the bathroom stall for five minutes and breathe. Believe it or not that is meditation. If you're feeling ambitious one day, stretch your arms and touch your toes -- but please NO email.
Day 3 will be shared tomorrow morning!!
Have a beautiful day!
<3 <3 <3, Michelle


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