Day 72 - Practical Positivity

Posted: Oct 27 2015

Day 72 - Practical Positivity
I found an article I am going to share piece by piece for this week of Practical Positivity. It's from Huffpost written by Gina Soleil. Enjoy!!!
Here's how to meditate at work...Day 1
By definition, meditation is simply time spent in quiet thought for the purpose of relaxation. Notice, the definition doesn't say time spent void of thought. When you meditate you're thinking quietly. You can mediate while walking to your next meeting, stepping outside for a quick break, standing by the copy machine or going to the bathroom. The key to meditation is to stay grounded and aware of your thoughts. Here are four easy ways to meditate at work:
Drink Water
Drink more water. I know, you've heard it a million times. Here's the deal: You keep hearing it because it's true. The human body is more than 60 percent water ( You need water to not only live, but to live optimally. What does water have to do with meditation? Everything. Water is an Earth element that calms, replenishes, cleanses and grounds our mental state of being. As you drink water throughout your day, give gratitude for the fact that you have clean water available to drink and your body, mind and soul are being given the gift of health. Stopping long enough to give gratitude is a form of meditation.
The Day 2 will be shared tomorrow morning!!
Have a beautiful day!
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