Day 75 - Practical Positivity

Posted: Oct 30 2015

Day 75 - Practical Positivity
I found an article I am going to share piece by piece for this week of Practical Positivity. It's from Huffpost written by Gina Soleil. Enjoy!!!
Here's how to meditate at work...Day 4
Surround Yourself With Nature
Nature is like magic! When we surround ourselves with elements of the Earth our body, mind and soul become grounded and present. Nature gives us permission to be quiet, makes us aware of our thoughts and helps us become mindful of those around us. That said, most of us don't have the luxury of working on a nature reserve. The solution: Create your own nature reserve right in your cubical or office.
Create a rock garden on your desk. Bring in lots of plants -- Chinese Evergreens are the perfect low maintenance option. Buy a beta fish. And my personal favorite, have a collection of wood that you can hold in your hand when you're feeling stressed and need an ounce of calm. Here's the meditation... Every time you walk into your cubicle or office, pick up a rock or a piece of wood, look around your nature reserve and simply say thank you. I guarantee this 30-second meditation will have you feeling a million times better.
Have a beautiful weekend!
<3 <3 <3, Michelle


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